Cole Phoenix New Pop Single Release “HELLO”

Do not give up!

A secret formula for success that never fails. She is mysterious yet, her voice explains universal mysteries. She is versatile. Her voice & acting talent have been recognized worldwide. A rising celebrity from Australia, Cole Phoenix is our guest today.

Before I start the discussion, I want to give you a little introduction about our mysterious guest.

Cole Phoenix new pop single release "Hello"
Cole Phoenix new pop single release “Hello”

Phoenix released her debut album in 2010 known as the “Wild Love”. She travelled to Vancouver BC to produce her singles and several other remixes. Her self-titled album, “Cole Phoenix” was released in 2012, a title track “Cannibal” earned Cole international acclaim for its anti-bullying theme and was promoted in New York, Las Vegas and throughout her own home country Australia.  A few singles with another hit album (“She’s On Fire”) is expected to be released in 2015.

Under Noble Nobull the second of these singles “Hello” was released Jan 1st 2015 – a great way to start the New Year!

Let’s welcome Cole Phoenix.

Cole Phoenix & Nicolas Jacobi at The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies premiere at the Dolby Theatre in LA.
Cole Phoenix & Nicolas Jacobi at The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies premiere at the Dolby Theatre in LA.

S.K. Andaleeb: Hi Cole!

Cole: Hello, S.K.Andaleeb!

S.K. Andaleeb: It is nice to have you here. We are known as your flames. I am excited to have this opportunity. You just released the new pop single “Hello”. How does it feel?

Cole: I’m in a whirlwind of excitement, gratitude, relief…and anticipation.

S.K.Andaleeb: You have created some amazing music. You are a recognized acting talent and you are writing a novel. Tell me, who is your greatest inspiration?

Cole: That’s not difficult, my family.  They each inspire me by what they do every day. I am inspired by them to keep on creating, they spark my imagination and fire up my sense of innovation – nudging me when I lack the necessary motivation! They always have and always will.

S.K.Andaleeb: What is something people do not know about you?

Cole:   A great deal…If I told you though – there wouldn’t be any alluring elusive mystery about me any longer! (laughs)

S.K.Andaleeb: Coming back to your favorites, what is your favorite novel?

Cole: Now that’s a tricky one. Depends on my mood entirely. For some reason “Pride and Prejudice” is screaming at me this instant but ask me tomorrow and it may be “Wuthering Heights”, or another day it could be “Around the World in Eighty Days” or even “Jane Eyre” … I definitely have a soft spot for those old fashioned classics – their language reminds readers how ornate our lexicon is! Or can be.

S.K.Andaleeb: What is the one best event of your life that you cannot forget?

Cole:   What came straight to mind was the night I was awarded Senior Dux (highest academic achiever for the school I attended). I was simply ecstatic, I felt very bright – optimistically so – for the future when I accepted my gold plated award that night. I was blissfully unaware of the frightful days ahead! I’ve learned since then life isn’t so golden and sometimes talent isn’t enough – good grades do not give any guarantee for slippery success. It’s persistence that grips a foothold in the end and I cannot over stress how life belts out some serious curve balls an education can’t begin to prepare you for…Experience overrules all.

S.K.Andaleeb: Hard-work or luck? What works for you?

Cole:  Not luck. So far, it’s all been hard work professionally. Personally I’ve been fortuitous however, to have the priceless support from my determined as a bulldog partner Nicolas Jacobi as well as from my loving and lovable tight knit family…and also I’d be remiss not to give a shout out to my genuine fans who’ve lifted my spirits time and again. A support group boosts your mood, your mentality and yes that other often evasive “m” – motivation.
S.K.Andaleeb: What made you create the new music, “Hello”?

Cole:  “Hello” is essentially about falling for someone or something that isn’t what it initially appeared to be or promised…It’s about the pain you feel once realization kicks you in the guts and it’s ultimately about the struggle to start anew.

Many of us have been there – forced to confront a harsh and scorching reality, burning up a dream…You need to soar beyond the aching disappointment and no matter how hard you’ve been hit, how explosive that disaster – you must use the fuel of that failure to move on! You can triumph over tribulation. That’s why it felt truly appropriate to bring out “Hello” for this budding year 2015.

It’s also very Phoenix, not only because the track adheres to my musical style but also because the overall vibe and the lyrics I penned link with my chosen emblem – the Phoenix bird that rises from the ashes, regenerates itself. A symbol of survival…I wrote “Hello” to capture this sense of creating new beginnings out of ash strewn endings.

S.K.Andaleeb: Well, it is great. I Just listened to the music track and it is simply awesome. Most of us go through failures, and that is how life goes. Life teaches you many lessons and those lessons become the path way to success.

S.K.Andaleeb:  What can be a never-fail recipe for success?

Cole:  Don’t give up!
S.K.Andaleeb: Good, so, can you say that your success is the result of persistence?

Cole: Absolutely. You cannot win without hard-work and persistence. Stay motivated and don’t give in!

S.K.Andaleeb: What’s coming up next in your career?

Cole:  I’m actually writing a novel – weird as this sounds – I’m writing it completely on an iPad. I’ve found it liberating to write wherever and whenever I can find the time! It’s called “The Phoenix” but it’s not autobiographical thank heavens for us all! (laughs)

It’s a fiction in the manner of the sort of books I fantasize to read over and over again when I manage to secure some spare moments of leisure for pleasure…Its basic concept came about from an idea for a music video initially, hence the name “The Phoenix” I guess. It’s shaped up to be something very different however – ever more exciting as I plough on editing and yes, quite dramatic indeed…A script is in the works to be produced by Noble NoBull.

S.K.Andaleeb: Sounds great and exciting. Just a little off track but, you are an artist and I want to ask this question.

S.K.Andaleeb: How does it feel like being in love?

Cole Phoenix: Love is ineffable. You cannot describe it in a few words, it’s a whole color spectrum, a whole scale of notes…Love is a whole dictionary unto itself. Not all of them nice words mind you – but nevertheless, all of them are spoken (or better yet sung) with great passion.

S.K.Andaleeb: I do not think love can be better described then a good romantic song.

Cole:    Yes, rightly said!

S.K.Andaleeb: Last thing, what is your favorite fragrance?

Simple – “Angel” by Thierry Mugler. It’s so sweet and dreamy, the bottle is beautiful…If I could work with Thierry for a fragrance idea I have created with my dedicated and inventive partner Nicolas Jacobi – it would be something special I believe, but until then, “Angel” is my favorite without exception.
S.K.Andaleeb: Well, thanks a lot for your time Cole. We wish you a very happy new year and good luck for your upcoming music albums.

Cole: Thank you for your interest and interesting questions!

I hope you have enjoyed this interview of Cole Phoenix. If you are part of the Cole Phoenix fan group (Flames) then do not forget to leave a comment below.