About Cole Phoenix

Cole Phoenix pop single release "Hello"
Cole Phoenix pop single release “Hello”
“I like to remain mysterious, peek at soul through music, let the lyrics speak for me. Acting is an outlet. Pour myself into character. Another reason why keep my whole personality to myself – so I can play a variety of characters faithfully.”
Well, Cole is mysterious like she described herself. She is a great actress, novelist, singer, director, song-writer, and producer. She  has been active since 2008 while, she was featured in “The Ruins”.
She started singing in 2010 when she released her debut album “Wild love”. Since then, she has released  a self-titled album and two singles “Hello” and “UFO”.
A big release is expected in 2015 about her new album, “She’s on fire”.
She is simply impressive to me. Her new novel “The Phoenix” is about to be published in 2015. So, I can say that she is ready to launch in 2015.
Oh God! How can I forget about the new year launch? Well, Cole will surely rock the stage on the 1st January 2015 as her new single pop song is expected to be released on 2015.
Album is available for a pre-order on Amazon. I checked it a few minutes ago but, it is not released yet. I am excited while writing this post. Keep waiting and I hope the song will be released in a few hours.
Happy New Year!

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